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Diagnostic and Preventative Procedures

Upkeep & prevention are important steps in your dental care.

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Dental Cleaning

A professional cleaning of your teeth removes accumulated plaque and calculus (tartar) from your teeth using ultrasonic and hand instruments followed by a polishing to leave the teeth surfaces smooth and free of bacteria-laden debris. If it has been some time since your last cleaning, you may require two visits or a deep cleaning.

Cleanings are recommended at least twice a year and may be needed more frequently in patients who build up plaque and tartar rapidly or have a history of periodontal disease.



Sealants are a protective coating that can be applied to the chewing surface of posterior (back) teeth. These teeth typically have deep grooves and pits that if left untreated are highly prone to decay, even with good hygiene habits at home.

The procedure is simple and inexpensive and requires no removal of tooth structure or anesthetic. The tooth is thoroughly cleaned before the sealant is flowed onto the tooth surface and hardened under a bright light. This leaves a smooth, easily cleaned surface where the deep grooves were previously.


Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are removable appliances that are used to protect your teeth from damage. They may be used for sports protection as well as by patients who brux (grind) their teeth.


A custom mouth guard can be made for you by Dr. Monson. An impression is made of your teeth and the completed appliance is fitted to your mouth. Soft mouth guards are made in the office in less than a week. Hard plastic guards take 1 to 2 weeks from a dental lab.


A dental examination allows Dr. Monson to carefully evaluate the current status of your mouth, including your teeth, gingiva (gums), lips, tongue, cheeks and palate, occlusion (bite), crowded and missing teeth, previous treatment, and existing needs for treatment. An oral cancer screening is also included.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments are routinely given to all children up to age 16 and may be beneficial for adults who are especially cavity prone.

A one minute application of fluoride will enhance the protective effect of your regular toothpaste in preventing the development of cavities.



Based on the initial evaluation of your mouth, digital x-rays may be ordered to evaluate the teeth and supporting bone in greater detail. Dr. Monson is careful to only prescribe x-rays when needed and digital x-rays allow greatly reduced exposure to radiation and the ability to see the images at once on the computer screen.


Emergencies are always handled as quickly as possible. The goal of emergency treatment is to reduce any pain or infection as quickly and efficiently as possible and get you on the road to complete dental health again. Dr. Monson has ER experience in treating mouth and facial trauma, so he can quickly diagnose your problem and find a solution.

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